Janita Noora Kenttälä

Local Guide, Photographer & Wilderness Expert

A passionate reindeer herder and founder of Eanan. With a rich family heritage spanning over seven generations, Janita’s love for reindeer and the Lapland wilderness runs deep.
In 2019, she turned her dreams into reality and created Eanan from scratch. Join She shares her authentic knowledge, cultural traditions, and the enchanting world of reindeer herding.

Victor Jové Pérez

Outdoor survival, Nature & Animal Lover

An adventurous husky musher and one mastermind behind Eanan. Hailing from Spain, Victor followed his heart to Lapland, embarking on a thrilling journey.
In 2019, he founded Eanan from scratch, driven by his passion for huskies and the arctic wilderness. With a touch of comedy, Victor shares his personal experiences and unfolds the captivating history of mushing. 

JaakKo & Sirkka Lisa Raunio

Husky Department

Our best husky mushers who joined forces with Eanan in 2019.
With over 25 years of experience under their belt, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.
Their friendly Siberian huskies, exceptional kennel, and top-notch Lappish snacks ensure an unforgettable experience.
After retiring, they chose to settle in the north, dedicating themselves to providing the highest quality of care for their beloved huskies.

How everything started…

Our company was founded back in 2019

Either Janita or Victor had the idea of creating Eanan. Ukko, the first reindeer did created because he wanted to have a big family so he can show to people how wonderful is Levi.

2019: Jaakko & Sirkka Liisa were by our side and help us to build one of the best husky tours in Levi.

Not only Jaakko is the mentor of Victor but are great friends that goes to adventures every Spring!
In 2022, they spent an overnight in the middle of nowhere with 24 dogs in the border of Norway and Finland.
In 2023, they joined a mid distance race (120km) and went afterwards for a day ride of 100km to the mountain called Halti.

2022: Eanan focus for direct sales

Thank you for our beloved guests, Eanan has got a name in the list of the most wanted activities to do in Levi and has done a 95% of direct sales.
We are really happy of how much our guests loves our tours!

2023: After 4 years of hard work we grow our team!

As we try to provide more tours for more people, our time to organise and maintain tours gets shorter, so we have decide to add few people to our team.