Janita Noora Kenttälä

Local Guide, Photographer & Wilderness Expert

Janita is the 7th generation that has been living here and making their livinghood in harsh conditions mainly with reindeer herding. She loves to make people happy and show the real life of Lapland. She also comes up with new ideas on how to make EANAN more efficient and eco friendly because nature is everything for her.

Victor Jové Pérez

Outdoor survival, Nature & Animal Lover

His family knew that he was crazy when he left everything to go to live to Lapland with Janita. She taught him everything to survive in the nature and now he is ready to show the Lappish life to people. He likes to bring humour and culture in his tours.

JaakKo & Sirkka Lisa Raunio

Husky Department

Jaakko is our professional musher and Sirkka Liisa is our Lappish chef that makes people happier with her recipes. Both makes a great team to make your husky adventures unforgetable. A southern couple transformed into lappish professional mushers.


About us

Summer 2019

Adoption of Ukko

  • Ukko, our first reindeer, lost his mother and gave him a prosperous life
September 2019

Creation of EANAN

  • For a long time, we wanted to have our own local experiences, so we decided to make unique adventures
October 2019

Cooperation with Jaakko/Sirkka Liisa

  • We were lucky and thankful that we could start working with so great people!
December 2019

Creation of first adventures

  • We got our firsts customers
March 2020

Season closes earlier

  • Because of the pandemic, we close our services but we focus on studying and surviving in these difficult times
Summer 2020

New Website/New Programs

  • Victor learns to build his own website and improves the visibility of Eanan
April 2021

Only Finnish guests

  • Borders were closed for the whole winter, we worked secondary jobs to pay expenses.
      Winter 2021 - 2022

      Borders are open

      • We decided to work mostly with resellers to make sure we could made it one more year. But this year was amazing
      Summer 2022

      Upgrading our tours and places

      • After a great season, we decided to upgrade our little farm and hire a new team member!