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Homemade bakeries & sandwichees made by Janita Kenttälä

Traditional lappish delicacies made with love and passion.

Café Story

Lomakurun kota is it’s original name. This name comes from a old tradition made by the locals where they would herd the cattle down the mountain and this area would be a resting area after a long hike back home. “Loma” means holiday and “Kurun” mean narrow valley, in the form of the land of our cafe.
In 2015, the father of Janita, Jukka, created this place by his own hands. His passion for building and lappish architecture has motivated him to show the beauty of this amazing culture.
Now, Janita & Victor, take care of this place with the help of their reindeer and huskies.
We have private and public times

Homemade recipes

Having all types of experiences over Lapland, Janita has become with great recipes passed by generations and influeced by different cultures.

We open in August!


11:00 – 17:00


11:00 – 15:00



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Levin Ympärystie 677,
99130 Sirkka.
Levi, Finland.