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VIP Camping with Sauna in a private SnowChalet

The best way to connect with nature

Disconnect from the society and take a break.

We know that you need a nice holidays and camping is a complete experience to recharge your energy.

You and Mother nature.

You will have the chance to see both faces of the Lappish nature: 
In the morning you will explore the life around us and the beautiful landscapes, in the night you will be surrounded by stars and the magical Aurora.

Comfortable and warm.

We have been upgrading and testing our SnowChalets in the most extreme conditions. You will be safe and cozy the whole night.

Revitalise with our traditional sauna.

What about after a ride and a entertaining evening you have a sauna in our main building?
For the most brave, we have ready a hole in the river to break our limits.

The plan


16:00 - 17:00
Get ready & Ride

  • We will go ahead the river/forest and find our hidden cabin
19:00 - 17:00
Dinner time

  • We hope you are hungry! You can have a variety of local delicacies in our hidden cabin
20:00 - 21:00

Sauna + Frozen dive

  • Now, the sauna is hot!
    Get ready to relax…

Show Time

  • Falling stars, constellations, night fauna and Northern Lights are going to be around you the whole night


  • After a beautiful night under the Lappish sky, your guide will make you a energetic breakfast to discover the beautiful nature
Fauna Encounter + Reindeer Feeding

  • Get your camera ready! Let’s see the fauna around

End of the adventure

  • If you have requested for a second night in a row we will meet you again in the meeting point!

Frequently Asked Questions

SnowChalet is something unique and new in Levi, here are some of the most common questions.

What temperature is inside the SnowChalet?

Inside it can reach more than 30ºC. It can be controlled with the control panel inside the SnowChalet. People sleeps there with summer pyjamas!

How does it heat up?

In the front of the sled there is a webasto that works with an electric battery and a small diesel motor that can be up to 24 hours on.

How many people do fit inside?

To Sleep the maximum for a perfect cozy night is 2 people but for just a ride it can be for a maximum 3 people. Because we need to go our destination with a snowmobile pulling Snowchalet we had to put total weight limit for the guest that is 240kg per sled.

Can I see the Auroras from inside the SnowChalet?

It is possible and very common to see them from inside in a really comfortable way. 

Where is our destination for the overnight?

It is going to be in our River Cabin that is located 10 km away from our base camp. Around the destination there is no neighbours around the area.

What are the necessary clothes for this experience?

We recommend you to take a small bag with these items: Dry woolen socks and change socks, warm thermo layer (woolen is the best as if it gets wet it is still warm), water bottle (you can refill in our cabin), flash light, night snacks and a good camera!