Our reindeer thank you, and we thank you

Herd Supporter

The entirety of your 10€ donation will be used for the following:
·Food (Pellets, Grass, Lichen, etc)
·Veterinarian Services (Vet checks, Vaccinations, and Care)
·Training Material (Sledding)
·GPS Tracker (To follow your reindeer in Summer)
·Building and Fixing Their Homes (Reindeer Fencing, Feeding Places, etc)



A customized certificate emailed to you indicating your generous donation!

Actual update of our herd

Meet the herd as soon as we are available to show their enviroment and daily life.
With photos and videos of them.

Visit The Reindeer

As a token of our gratitude, you will be granted access to visit the herd whenever you’re in Lapland.

Janita & Victor’s corner

Our message

We are currently being faced with a really difficult situation across Lapland.
Prior to Covid-19 we had a really bad summer, as our reindeer didn’t feed enough from nature and came back home skinnier than usual. Then we had a long winter with unusually thick and hard snow that made it impossible for reindeer to reach food under the snow.

Maintaining our herd is becoming more challenging each year due to climate change, population growth, manufactories, mines and, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of these have prompted reindeer herders to feed their reindeer more and more in order to keep their herd strong and healthy. Despite all the effort and extra feeding herders have faced loss of reindeer numbers. Reindeer have either starved in the wilderness due to harsh conditions or failed to get pregnant, resulting in an alarmingly smaller herd than usual. This also has led to less profit for herders overall.

We don’t depend on selling reindeer meat but we do depend on tourism. Without tourism it’s really difficult to make an income here in Lapland.

Even with all the challenges we wouldn’t trade this lifestyle!

Our reindeer are our partners and they give us more than they take.

Signed by CoFounders of Eanan

Winter activities in Levi