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What are we looking for

Please, read these features before opening the questionnaire

Enthusiasm & Passion

A person that loves new objectives and goals to complete. Our lifestyle requires an open minded person that can work in any situation.

High level of English

All of our guests are international travellers and English is the language that we required to join us. We consider other languages a plus for this job. Like Victor is a native Spanish speaker.

Love for nature & animals

As you know, we work with reindeer, huskies and have all our tours located in the nature. Know about respect and animal welfare is a big thing for us.


Janita, Victor, Sirkka-Liisa & Jaakko have been working 3 years together and survive the harsh pandemic. Without teamwork and honesty, we wouldn’t have make it this far.


No matter if you have experience, we require responsiveness.

Strong mindset & open minded

Lapland during winter time has cold and dark days. It’s important that you are ready to experience difficult weather conditions.