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Our Morning Programs

Start the day with an amazing adventure!

Connect with Reindeer

Meet Ukko, our small reindeer that we have been taking care of since he was a month old. We will go together inside the reindeer fence to meet him and his buddies and feed them next to our cozy kota.


Lomakurun Kota


Min 2 people
Max 8 people


50€ Adult
36€ Child


1 h 30m

Wilderness explore in SnowChalet

This tour will offer you a change to get more near wildlife. Our old forest offers perfect hiding places for wild animals. Our SnowChalet is perfect for you and your partner because of the warm and panoramic view.


Etiäis Kota



Max 3 people/SnowChalet
2 SnowChalets available per time


143€ Adult
101€ Child



Husky 2km morning ride

Jaakko puts 12 dogs on his team so the speed is faster than any other husky ride. As the dogs went to competitions, they are well trained and after your ride we will release some of the dogs inside a huge fence.


Private husky kennel


Min 2 people
Max 8 people


123€ Adult
81€ Child



Add Snowshoes for any private tour!

It is possible to extend your adventure by snowshoeing in the wilderness! We can either organise a new program or mixed with SnowChalets programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common doubts about our morning programs.

Is it safe to feed reindeer? Do they bite?

Totally safe. Reindeer are not aggresive by nature. Instead if they feel threat or danger they will go away. Each reindeer fence count with a huge land where they can spend time alone or away from us, if they need. Usually reindeer are curious and with food they will come even next to you and don’t mind touching.

Is it possible to ride in a reindeer sled?

It is legal when reindeer reach an age of 4 to 5 years old and it can be with correct accessories (harness) and training. But there is a weight limit for finnish reindeer laws as they aren’t that strong to carry an adult person on their back.

What kind of animals can we see in the VIP Wilderness trip via SnowChalet?

Any kind of wild animals, we have been putting feeding places so the animals survive from the long winters. As a result of feeding, they have learned to stay around our forest and you might see them more easily.

What is the difference if I add snowshoes to the trip?

Your adventure upgrades to a new level, with snowshoes we can go more deeper to nature. Some places are not accessible for our snowmobile but it is with snowshoes, it gives more advantage for you to see wild animals.

What do you mean with VIP in the SnowChalet?

Our VIP programs are exclusive, private and different. For you who appreciate time, silence of nature, and customer service this is exactly for you. We do understand that life can be really stressful and sometimes people need space for themselves.

Am I going to share the SnowChalet?

Only with your partner/friend/family. If you are a solo traveler feel welcome just with a extra solo charge.