Night Programs

Where the magic begins!

Panoramic Sled

Cozy sleds to see the Lights


Let’s find the perfect spot


Relax in the wildernes

Sauna in the wilderness

This tour will offer you a chance to relax completly near wildlife. Our old forest offers perfect hiding places for wild animals. We will drive you with our panoramic sled to our Vellamo Cabin!

VIP evening in a private Glass Roof Sled

This heated sled is pulled by a snowmobile. You have a chance to see Northern Lights from inside your sled. We will also stop on the way to see the activity around.  Our destination is our Etiäis Kota, around 10 km away in a wilderness. 

Snowshoeing can be added with this program for an extra fee.

Reindeer Lights

We will go inside our reindeer fence where reindeer are free to choose if they would like to get pet or just enjoy the food that we are offering to them.
We have campfire outside on a “Laavu” where we are going to have a small break with hot drinks and homemade bakeries.
After this we are gonna head on top of a hidden spots nearby.

Snowshoeing can be added with this program for an extra fee.

Evening excursion with wooden snowshoes

Our traditional wooden snowshoes will carry you even over deepest snow, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. We will listen to the perfect silence of Lapland in the winter and catch the Aurora.


Middle of nowhere


Min 2 people
Max 8 people


85€ Adult



Frequently Asked Questions

Few of all the questions we got about Auroras.

When Northern Lights appears?

Unfortunately, Northern Lights don’t have opening hours. But thanks to different predictions apps and long experience searching for Northern Lights we can have better chances as we know good spots to watch them.

How you predict the Northern Lights for the activity?

By different facts: weather, sun activity, different prediction apps, temperature, magical crystal ball, etc.

Most of the time but you just need to keep positive and have fun!

Why are the dogs barking and jumping?

You will notice that once we arrive at the kennel it is full of dogs barking and once they notice you trying to sit on the sled they start jumping on their place in the team. This is only because they are so excited to go!

Once they go, the whole kennel goes to silence. Next time they bark, is when they hear from a long distance the team coming back!


Are children able to come in the night programs?

We have experienced during years that children under 8 year old don’t do well on late night programs. (When it gets later than 21:00). If you want to make our programs and have a child under 8 y.o. with you, we are able to organise a child friendly program for your family but please inform before so we are aware of this.

What are the chances to see Northern Lights?

From our experience and knowledge it is around 80% success to see Northern Lights. It is a natural phenomenon and only Mother Nature will show us the amazing show.

Are you going to take pictures from the night?

We are able to help you with your camera settings but we don’t include photography.