Did you remember to leave a review?

· How can I get a random price for each recommendation?

Simple, when a person/group comes from your part, during the booking process he/she needs to fill up the question “Where did you hear about us?“, select the term “Recommended by another customer” and fill up the empty box below with your full name (if you did the reservation in your name).

What is the maximum amount of tickets for person?

According to our terms, a person can reach as many tickets as wants. If you recommend to 20 people/groups you will get 20 tickets. That will increase to you to get a better chance in our price.

Can I get it without being a previous customer?

Our goal is not just to get more customers but tell your real opinion about our tours that attracts other people and reward you in exchange.
We believe in word of mouth advertising.

Conditions to get the reward:


1. Leave a truthful review in TripAdvisor/Facebook/Google.
2. The recommended person must write your name during the booking process.
3. You must be a past customer (Doesn’t matter the year or the tour.).
4. Become part of the newsletter to earn more prices and gifts!