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Terms & Conditions

Terms of agreement

Eanan Oy


The following terms and conditions shall be applied for Safaris, Activities and programmes offered and delivered during all seasons by Eanan Oy Programmes, Safaris and Activities in following destinations: Rovaniemi, Levi and any other area of where the services are delivered.


Services and Prices

The prices and the services offered and to be delivered by Eanan under these Terms & Conditions for Eanan Programmes, Safaris and Activities are set out in FareHarbor webstore on our website The given prices include VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Finland. Eanan reserves the right to change the prices in case of any unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices etc.) beyond the control of Eanan Oy.


Reservation received by Eanan is considered as confirmed upon reservation confirmation send by Eanan to the consumer. Payment options will be presented in our webstore and in case of reservations made on the spot, via email or by phone, during the booking process.

Cancellation terms

If cancelled more than 7 days prior to the arrival date a cancellation fee 25% will be charged.

If cancelled within 7 days or less prior to the arrival date or in case of no-show, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

If cancelled less than 24 hours after the booking is made, the total amount will be refunded, however, if the booking is made 7 days or less prior to arrival the booking is non-refundable.

EANAN reserves the right to cancel the booking due to circumstances unfavourable conditions. These include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, fire, war, riot, terrorism, government action, strike, and all similar events outside our control which prevent or affect our contractual obligation. Where such circumstances occur, the company will not be liable to pay any refund or compensation but will try to move for the next few days the safaris in these cases.

If you suffer a disease or injury before traveling to Levi or in your time visiting Levi, we will need to receive a medical proof why you cannot come to the safari. If you get sick but cannot get the proof, the booking is refundable following the previous cancellation terms. Please notify us immediately if this happens. Where such circumstances occur, the company will not be liable to pay any refund or compensation for the rest of the people booked.

For cancellations, please contact and refer to your booking number. Or call (+358) 407555542 (Victor) or (+358) 407555543 (Janita).


All changes or alterations to be made to the reservation shall be made in writing. The requested changes are subject to the written approval of Eanan Oy.

Child Policy

For children of age 4-12 years Eanan will apply special child rates. Children over 160 cm attending a sleigh ride in our covered sledges is counted as one adult.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women should not use the snowmobile or the sledge pulled by the snowmobile as the vibrations and exhaust fumes may be harmful. If the programme, safari or activity requires special organisation (e.g. additional transport), Eanan shall not be responsible for the possible extra costs.