Disconnect from civilisation in the middle of nowhere

photo cabin

Vellamo Sauna

A unique sauna in Levi that offers every detail to be able to relax and connect with the lappish environment.
It is included with icefishing, ice swimming, panoramic sled and more!

Panoramic Sled

And why, we don’t experience a whole view into the nature with a warm and movable sled?

Historical & Cozy

Vellamo Cabin

Vellamo Sauna

The Wildest Sauna
in Levi

The most important mission of Eanan, is to protect and respect Sami/Lappish culture and Mothernature.
Vellamo Cabin belonged to the Grandmother of Janita, inherited to the father of Janita. Therefore Janita wanted to restore this historical building into an accommodation for adventurers.

Couple generations ago this cabin was a place to refugee for finnish civilians during the WW2 and after that was moved closer to the river as a sauna.
The traditional way to transport such a big logs was in winter time, when the ground was frozen and the snowmobiles could pull one by one in so remoted places. Then in summer, family united to build it and enjoy holidays during the reindeer hardworking lifestyle.

Wilderness and Cozy
in the middle of nowhere

Vellamo Cabin offers a perfect size of lodge for 2/3 adults:
· Fireplace where we can relax and tell lappish stories.
· WC is an artic toilet located 10 meters from the cabin.
· Sauna is next to the living room inside the cabin.
· Accesories included: Ice fishing equipment and ice breaker equipment.
· River is located 10 meters from the cabin

unique & surreal

Panoramic Sled

Panoramic Sled

Let the stars surround you

We have all the Levi area full of snowmobile routes, where we can drive and have a unique experience. We will go though forests, rivers and lakes to reach to our destination in the middle of nowhere. Our Panoramic Sled are ready to be warm and comfortable for all of our adventures. This kind of overnight will show you everything about the beautiful Lapland.
We will use it for transporting next to our Etiäis Kota or Vellamo Sauna that we will use as a living room and sauna. Then we will transform it into a big bed with blankets and pillows.
*Panoramic sled will be heated during the whole trip and nights.

Relax and enjoy the views

Panoramic sled offers a perfect size of lodge for 2 adults:
· Fireplace where we can chill and tell lappish stories
· WC is an artic toilet located 10 meters from the destination.
· Sauna it is possible to book
· River is located 10 meters from the cabin
· Outdoor has a teepee where you can make a fire and enjoy warm the natural night show.

Only the Best

Homemade Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Janita learned from past generations the traditional and delicious lappish cuisine. 
There are available menus for your stay.