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*if you are a big group, we can give you a special offer (up to 20).

What makes our Virtual tours special?

Even this year it might not be possible to you to travel to Lapland we still want to show you the best of it. We keep being original and offer during the live streaming with you a prerecorded videos where you will be able to see the real of our lifestyle. With the virtual tours we can maintain and offer the best quality life for our reindeer and huskies.

Things we will make sure you will learn with us:

  • Sami and Lappish culture
  • Reinder/Husky lifestyle and curiosities
  • View of the different times of the year of Lapland
  • How Victor (from Spain) adapted to Lapland
  • Interesting stories about our actual lappish life

no animal cruelty

Our reindeer are never forced to work.
We motivate them with love and extra snacks!


Our reindeer are starting to undertand that cameras and phones are not scary. And so we can show them to you.


We will organize in different steps our tour to make sure you can ask questions and what would you prefer to learn about.

Give for you

It is important for us, that whenever you are able to come to Lapland you get a discount to your visit with us.

Virtually Connecting with Reindeer

This is an owner operated tour where we will bring you to meet our lovely reindeer.

We will share an important and curious part of the history of Levi, teach you about the reindeer and it’s predators. Tell you stories of each reindeer life. As we are by ourselves, we get closer than if we were with people to observe their tame behaviour. At the same time, we will maintain respect for their space at all times and keep a distance they are comfortable with.

Virtually Connecting with Huskies

Enjoy a husky experience in a private kennel
where only you and huskies can spend time together!

This is an online experience, where you will join me from the comfort of your own home. We will start at the husky kennel at our host house where we will go play with the huskies, then we will go to the fire at the traditional lappish building and sit down next to the mushers. You will get really close to husky mushering life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the many things we will share with you.

What is a sledding reindeer?

A sledding reindeer is usually a male reindeer that has gone through a specific training process. Sledding reindeer should be tame and easy to handle. Before the use of cars the people of Lapland had only reindeer to help them move around between villages, so a good sledding reindeer was really valuable.

How do you teach a husky to pull sled?

Huskies by generations has been used in Alaska and Siberia as sleddogs. They love to make sport and this lifestyle is perfect for this full of energy friendly dogs. 

Do the reindeer grow new antlers every year?

Reindeer drops their antlers either after mating season or after giving birth. They grow new antlers at Springtime. Each year the re-grown antlers are bigger than the previous year until the reindeer reach about 8-10, when the antlers start growing smaller.

How long do we have to make questions?

You can ask us in any moment via chat and at the end we will share screen with you so we can chat together. We will do a live streaming with prerecorded videos where you will be able to see what we are speaking about.


What times is it available to do the Virtual Tour?

We are happy to adapt to your schedule so we can have a nice time from your home.

What kind of camera will it use for the VT?

We will use GoPro Max and our phones Huawei p40 pro to have the best quality for the tour.