A traditional wooden tepee in the middle of nowhere.
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Kota Story

Etiäis Kota has been one of the first buildings created by Jukka, the father of Janita. His passion for building and nature has made etiais one of our first and most wanted places to go. Literally in the middle of nowhere, only via snowmobile/atv is possible to reach.
The closest road is 6 kilometers away and only into a selected route it is possible to arrive. It is surrounded by swamps and dense forests.

It was used as a camping family place and reindeer trips for tourism. After that it has been abandoned and forgotten but in Eanan we love traditional and historical places so we have it open again and made a fence for reindeer.

How to visit Etiäis Kota

As a private property, you only can visit this place with us in our tours.