We are happy to tell you about our Sustainable Tourism goals

As a small and brand new company, we want to start from the beginning doing correct and being sustainable company.

Benefiting the community

– We decided to donate a part of the benefits from each booking for local poverty or nature care for Lapland. For this we will choose each year different organizations and we haven’t decided yet what organization but for us it is important that the money stays in the local community.

– Started from the first day, offering local snacks where ingredients are bought directly in local farms where we can make delicious homemade snacks for our guests.

Protecting cultural heritage

– We bring people where Janita’s heritage has been over 7 generations and it is important for us to protect these places and the nature around us.

-We also practice reindeer herding that has a long culture and we try our best to keep it alive and practise in good manners. Also reindeer herding is regulated with laws and controlled by veterinarians so it is developing all the time in a more animal-friendly way.

Protecting the environment

– Teaching our guest how we take care of these places and fauna so that they can spread the word why and how we need to take care of nature.

– As we don’t yet have our own employees we can only promise that the future employees will be treated fairly. We would like to give a good wage where people feel paid for their effort and motivates them to grow with us. We know that working with animals and on the outside can be really difficult.
-This means that in the future men and women have an equal chance and right to work in our company.

-As our places mainly don’t have running water or electricity so we save quite a lot of energy on those. We use recycled materials or renewable material as far as we can.
We try to recycle all the leftover waste or compost it.
We have changed all the plastic products as far as we can and we try to avoid disposable products.

Our souvenirs come from local women who make handicrafts. We don’t buy souvenirs from outside of the country as we want to sell only local/finnish products.

What goals we have reach:

-Our programs with animals are animal-friendly and we make sure that our husky partner treats their dog good as well. Our animals are treated well, with enough space, food and rest. They also get vaccinated and checked by veterinarians regularly.

Ethical use of animals in Tourism: tours are not only an entertainment, but also educational for our guests to let people know more about the world of sled dogs and reindeer herding and their culture.

On our programs we do not force animals to be with people. Reindeer and huskies can choose if they want to interact with our guest this is the way to make programs less stressful and nice also for animals.

Animal food: We try to collect food for our reindeer from our home lands or buy from local farms and it is mainly produced organically.
Husky kennel feeds their dogs with manufactured leftover meat that would be wasted otherwise.

Local food: our food mainly comes from our own forest that we collect in autumn or from a farm where animals are treated well. We also check all our partners’ farms before we buy food from them.

-We have for each location and transport first aid with us and we have been training regularly our first aid skills.
-We also have safety plans for each location and our partners are aware of them too.

Promote for the rest of small entrepreneurs to partnership together so we can survive for difficult times like this Coronavirus showed to all of us. And also give the motivation and help for the new co owners to the entrepreneurship world.

We follow all Finnish employment laws and regulations.

We treat all our customers fairly no matter what is the country of origen, sex, age or their religion.